The brand new Willowbrook hall is as eco-friendly as it is functional.

In 2010 Willowbrook School, went under a complete refurbishment and is now complete. Attached to the school, a brand new community hall was built and we are looking after it. The spacious main hall has a fitted catering area with brand new appliances and a spacious outdoor area. On top of this, the roof is fitted with a special material that is incredible energy efficient and eco-friendly!

Main hall

The main hall is a perfect space for small meetings and parties. The conveniently located catering area, with serving hatch, is great for hosting.

Meetings and conferences: 60 seated

Buffer dances and discos: 50 seated


Willowbrook Hall can accommodate your requirements in the following areas:

  • Conference
  • Meeting Room
  • Group Classes
  • Parties
  • Catering


Willowbrook Hall
Brookfield Close