Chat 1st launched in January 2019 with a clear vision - to tackle the loneliness and social isolation that often comes hand in hand with physical, mental and social wellbeing worries.  

The Chat 1st Wellbeing programme pulls together all of the physical, mental and social wellbeing classes that currently take place at Brentwood Leisure Trust, for adults and for youth. It provides a hub, a one stop shop, for people looking to improve their wellbeing.

Chat 1st is a safe place where you can be yourself, and where you can turn immediately if you aren’t quite sure of the support available.

The wellbeing programme recognises the need to support your physical, mental and social wellbeing in unison. Very often if you are struggling physically you can also benefit from the support of the mental wellbeing classes, as well as the social activities and interaction of peers, activators, instructors and the overall Centre staff - all under one roof!

That’s why Chat 1st is here - to support you and your wellbeing journey!

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