Splashtime swimming

Swim timetable

Great news! As we continually look to move forward we can now bring back early morning swims, Zumba classes, family bubble sessions and water workouts.

Please note these will all require online booking in advance apart from the training pool family bubble sessions that you can book through main reception.

Half Term Swim Timetable w/c 26th October


Term Time Swim Timetable

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Laned Swim Guidelines

  • 45 minute time slots
  • Swimming is LANED SWIMMING ONLY due to guidelines set by Swim England. This is open to 14 years and over, unless they are able to swim 25 meters or more. 
  • There will be 3 double lanes, each allowing 8 per hour.
  • The lanes will be divided by slow, medium and fast.
  • You will be asked to swim clockwise with a 2 metre distance behind the person in front, with no overtaking.

Training Pool Family Bubble Guidelines

  • 45 minute time slots
  • Bookings for up to 12 people from 2 families
  • Come swim ready

Swimming prices

Laned Swim: £5.00 for a 45 minute swim

Chat 1st Aqua Mobility & Mental Wellbeing Swim: £2.00 - please see the NEW Chat 1st timetable for more details

Training Pool Family Bubble Sessions: £30

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