Hospital/GP referral programmes:

Cancer Rehab

Physical activity is so important for cancer patients at all stages of their pathway. This 12 week programme takes place in the main studio with all exercises and activities tailored to individual needs. Referral from the hospital or GP is required and a referral form can be downloaded here to be completed and signed. Cancer rehab sessions run every Monday and Thursday (as displayed on the Chat 1st physical wellbeing timetable).

Click to download a cancer rehab referral form

£3.50 per session.


Older Fitness for Health

This class is for those people who walk with an aid or are affected by medical concerns. A chair based physical activity to help mobility, balance, flexibility and improve every day wellbeing.

£4 per session

Young at Heart

This class helps mobility, balance, flexibility and every day wellbeing. 

£3.50 per session

Self referral programmes:

Sitting Yoga

A class designed to help people access yoga who can’t join a class which requests long periods of standing and/or floor work. Focusing on the abilities on the participants when it comes to the physical part and offering a WHOLE experience including body, mind and spirit. Breathing techniques & different forms of relaxations will help participants to create inner balance and happiness within.

£3.50 per session


MS Group

Exercises targeted for the special needs of people with MS - to improve muscle strength, mobility, balance, flexibility and confidence.

£5 per session.

For more information contact Ralph Hillier on 07947 613850.


Mental Wellbeing Boxing


Mental Wellbeing Tai--Chi


Mental Wellbeing Yoga