Here is a lovely testimonial from a Mum who utilised our Chat 1st Fit & Fed programme for her son

This testimonial really touched the whole team. This is what Chat 1st is all about. 

My son Ciaran recently attended fit n fed for the first time. For a youngster (recently turned 13) who suffers depression, low self-esteem, social/emotional struggles and anxiety, doing something completely new with people he didn’t know was a huge challenge.

Upon arrival my son froze in the car and it took quite some time to talk him through a process to get out of the car and near to the building. This was the worst I’d ever seen him. I couldn’t have done this by myself and I’m glad that Evie came over and introduced herself to my son and chatted with him for a while, reassuring and encouraging him. To have someone who knows how he was feeling was a real benefit.

 After eventually getting into the building my son was apprehensive about joining in as he didn’t know anyone and thought people would laugh at him, so he met another team member, had a chat and then sat down to some calm (mindfulness) colouring. Before I left Evie had introduced Ciaran to his nominated buddy- junior. This worked wonderfully as it gave Ciaran someone to trust and talk to- exactly what Ciaran needed to feel comfortable being left. I was amazed at how well the team (particularly Evie) knew how to help my son without ever having met him before.

I said that if my son needed I would return an hour later to collect him- he just needed to call......I didn’t hear a thing! When I returned at 4 pm Ciaran was nowhere in sight- as he was down at the Astro with all the other attendees, playing football. I was relieved and overjoyed.

To see him walking back with the group, smiling and chatting- made me realise that bringing him to Fit and Fed, despite reservations and Ciarans protests, was the best thing I’d done in a long while.

On the journey home Ciaran told me all of the things he had done throughout the day and has even said he would go again (albeit still with lots of anxiety but with a much more open and settled feeling about it).

Thank you so much to you Evie and to your whole team for helping, guiding, encouraging my son and most of all giving him your time, understanding and patience. I would recommend your Fit and Fed programme to any of my friends without hesitation and I genuinely hope we can engage with you all again as I think you would help my son’s confidence and self-esteem massively- and the beauty is - I don’t even think any of you realise just how good you are!!

 A million thank you’s

 Kim and Ciaran