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Brand new and ready for the New Year 2017. The Brentwood Centre Personal Trainers. Their mission: To provide you with the ultimate power to achieve your goals, with the utmost professional and inspiring training. Truly tailored to your needs.

Our Personal Trainers

Qualifications: REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor, REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer, REPS Level 4 Advanced Trainer, National Diploma in Sports Science

I come from a very sporting background, having been involved in the professional footballing set ups of West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur and Colchester United from a young age up to youth team level. After a few unfortunate injuries, I ended up in the hands of an excellent personal trainer. It was instantly at this point that I realised my passion for training outside of football, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast-forward to now, and I’m in my 4th year as a personal trainer, havinI have a very diverse client base, ranging from late teens to adults of 60 years and upward. I pride myself on my ability to be able to deal with each individual client appropriately and effectively based on their personal needs and requirements. 

For this reason, I have no doubt that regardless of your age, gender, goals or fitness level, I will be able to help you get to where you want to be.g previously worked for 2 years as a fitness instructor where I gained a huge amount of knowledge. I am a level 4 trainer – the highest level of recognition within the industry – having completed my diploma in specialist exercise aimed specifically towards managing overweight and diabetic individuals.

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Qualifications: Level 4 Strength and Conditioning, British Weightlifting Strength & Conditioning Level 2, British Weight Lifting Assistant Club Coach, UK AD Anti Doping Advisor, Register of Exercise Professionals Member., Level 3 Advanced Instructor and Personal Trainer, Padbox and Boxercise coach, Kickboxercise Instructor, Level 2 Kettlebells Instructor, Qualified circuit training instructor.

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer with a proven track record of helping clients achieve their goals, whether the goal is fat loss, fitness, sports performance or strength. Training is catered to the individual and delivered in motivating and non-intimidating 1-2-1 or group sessions; Barbell Girls Founder and Coach, Barbell Girls Powerlifting Squad Coach, Stength and Conditioning for sport, Event Training, Sports Performance, Fat loss, health and fitness.

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Qualifications: Physical Training, Sports Injury rehabilitation, Nutrition, Remedial/Sports massage

My name is Dean and I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.
I am truly passionate and dedicated to my work and my main objective is to get
the best out of my clients and devise a fun and effective workout that is tailor made to your
Whether your goals are weight loss, increased energy, strength gain, toning or fitness I will help you from start to finish, safely, effectively and with guaranteed results
Training with me will ensure the fastest and most effective way of transforming your body, ensuring you get the best from each workout making your time more efficient and fun.

I specialise in:-

• weight loss
• muscle toning
• preparation for special events ,weddings and holidays and celebrations
• Nutritional advice
• General health and wellbeing
• Running strength and fitness
• improved sports fitness
• increased strength

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You are one step away from changing your life!!


Going from around 25% body fat and 17 stone to sub 10% body fat has made a huge difference on my life, I want to help motivate and inspire people to change their life like I have. 

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Coming from a sports rehabilitation background I have 6 years of training experience, 4 years of which were working in the fitness industry. This experience has given me an array of knowledge plus further qualifications in my field of expertise.

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Level 3 personal trainer, sports massage therapist, BSC Sports Science. Injury Prevention Trainer, Box Fitness and Pad Work, Kettlebell Instructor, Posture Assessment

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Qualifications: Physical Training, Sports Injury rehabilitation, Nutrition, Remedial/Sports massage

I’m a personal trainer with over a decade of training experience and have been working in the fitness industry for over 5 years. On my own journey I have gained competition trophies, sports nutrition sponsorship and a wealth of practical & theoretical knowledge.

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I am a professional, self-motivated person who during the last thirty years has been involved in a variety of sporting and fitness concerns, and just over a year ago decided to change my  focus from Physical Education and retrain as a personal trainer. 

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Qualifications: REPS L3 Advanced Personal Trainer, L3 nutrition, PT assessors qualification, First aid and De-fib qualification, Pre/Post natal qualification, BSc HONs Sport and Exercise Science with Physical Geography 2i

Having worked as a Personal Trainer continuously since 2002, I have built up a huge amount of experience and knowledge in dealing with people's needs and concerns regarding all things health and fitness related. I have had the opportunity to help thousands of people with needs ranging from medical conditions such as; diabetes, strokes, heart conditions, asthma, weight conditions to name a few. I have also enjoyed helping people improve at their chosen sports; golf, cricket, football, fencing and rugby to name a few again. Helping people improve themselves is very rewarding for me.


REPS L3 Advanced Personal Trainer

L3 nutrition

PT assessors qualification

First aid and De-fib qualification

Pre/Post natal qualification

BSc HONs Sport and Exercise Science with Physical Geography 2i

Interests and hobbies.

Anything that gets the heart racing. I'm a strong believer in life is too short so my aim is to experience as much as possible in the time I have available. I've owned a Ferrari and a motorbike, I've bungeed, parachuted, para-glided and flown planes. I've completed the 3 peaks in under 24hrs.

Contact Details.


telephone: 07919 374 231




Mobile: 07827918771


Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
REPS Registered Exercise Professional
YMCA fit Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor
TTR Bootcamp Instructor
TTR Spin Instructor
TTR Circuit Instructor
TTR Pad Boxing Instructor
TTR Sports Nutrition.


Fat and weight loss.
Muscle gain.
Strength and Conditioning.
Muscle Endurance.
Injury Rehabilitation.
Sport Specific Training.
Online personal training.
House visits.
Tailored Training and Nutrition Plans.
One to one or small groups.

Qualifications: Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer, Resistance & Weight Training, Nutrition & Weight Management, Boxercise Instructor, TRX Suspension Training, Pilates Instructor, Body Pump Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor

Hi, I’m Vicky, a personal trainer here at The Brentwood Centre. I have been here for a number of years and have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years. Alongside personal training I also teach Body Pump and Pilates. My passion is working with people and I’m known for my friendly and motivational manner which helps them to reach their personal goals. 

I offer a range of activities for my clients, from Boxing, Strength Training, Pilates, advice on Weight Management, Weight Loss and Kettlebells. Whether your goal is to Lose Weight, Improve Posture, Increase Muscle Mass, for health reasons or you just want to update your training programme, I’m here to help you achieve it.

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